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JD Temple ​

JD Will Passionately Assist You in providing the following spiritual services:

  •  Energy Work - Powerful Shamanic Reiki combined with JD' s unique modality known as Sohlamah. You won't find this anywhere else! In person at his studio or from a distance via Skype​! * See our services page for more in depth information!

  • Psychic Readings-

  • Intuitive Relationship Consulting - JD will provide intuitive guidance and wisdom regarding your relationships to assist you in moving forward, leaving challenges behind!

  • Overcoming Personal Challenges Intuitive Consulting- JD will provide intuitive wisdom to assist clients in overcoming personal life challenges for powerful transformation!

  • Ritual For Hire- JD will custom tailor a ritual to meet your specific needs to enrich your life!  See the many different ritual for hire options available ! JD can connect you to any spirit and infuse your life with their immortal essence

  • Home and Business Blessings and Clearings- Remote ritual work to cleanse and purify, leaving your space with a light and loving environment that attracts abundance and prosperity! 

  • Curse Removal- Remove all aspects of  magick based attacks and hexes, Leave Your Fears Behind!

  -JD is a Powerful Black Magick Sorcerer, Shamanic Reiki Healing Master Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master Level Healing Practitioner, and is also a Practical Spirituality Consultant and Counselor.  JD is an empath and possesses strong intuitive abilities, and can sense and communicate with spirits. JD is also well versed in most all aspects of the magickal arts and enjoys assisting others with positive manifestations for real life change and tangible results ! His passion is to  provide loving guidance, potent energy work and magical operations, and to facilitate true, real life  change to all with the assistance of these spiritual gifts. If it involves an aspect of your spiritual journey, then look no further...... JD can easily meet your needs while ensuring your complete satisfaction, comfort and privacy! If you have a special request please feel free to reach out!

 As always JD is Here To Serve YOU, providing loving guidance & Support!

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