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Magical Bootcamp Retreats

Experience powerful magical ritual, guidance, and instruction first hand, and in person with J.D. Temple himself in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Virginia! Our 2 and 3 day boot camp retreats are the perfect fit for all current or aspiring practitioners of the dark arts. These retreats will focus on a wide variety of spiritual disciplines such as spirit evocation and invocation, channeling, shamanic journeying, energy work, shamanic healing, witchcraft, black magick, and much more! 

Along with the invaluable hands on instructional benefits that are delivered through this immersive spiritual retreat is the most precious gift of spirit initiation. A natural byproduct of these boot camps are the undeniable understanding that the process of initiation has been fully realized. This undoubtedly propels ones spiritual ascent into absolute hyperdrive, and sets the course to becoming a true magical being here on earth.

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